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আজ ১লা অক্টোবর, ২০২২ খ্রিস্টাব্দ সময় রাত ১১:৫৭

52 human traffickers arrested on strict orders of IGP

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  • আপডেটের সময় : সোমবার, জুন ১৫, ২০২০,
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Libya last May 26, 2020 AD. In a video conference organized on the tragic murder of 26 Bangladeshis on the date, IGP of Bangladesh Police Dr. Benazir Ahmed BPM (Bar) expressed his firm determination to take strict action against the perpetrators of human trafficking.

The IGP directed the commanders of the concerned units of Bangladesh Police to take strict and exemplary legal action in this regard. In the light of his instructions, the relevant units of the police at the field level carried out extensive activities and started taking legal action against those involved in human trafficking. So far, CID, DMP and RAB and other units of Bangladesh Police have arrested 52 people in 26 cases. Bangladesh Police is always vigilant for the interests, welfare and protection of the country and the people.

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